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Look at this Beautiful Item! This is a one of a kind Vintage Leather cuff made from an Old Saddle Strap and Adorned with A Real Vintage Navajo Pawn Concho Pin . These cuffs are made by Matt Dougan and no two are alike. The cuffs Vary in size, adornment & pricing. this one in particular is special because the adornment is an Actual Sterling Silver and turquoise Navajo Pawn, Concho Pin from the 1940's The pin was typically used as a hair pin or as adornment on a coat collar or blanket robe clasp. You can actually remove the pin from the bracelet if you ever need to, but It is beautiful as it is. Matt made this cuff from a piece of Old Saddle Strap and tied a watch strap buckle to it and used an old rubber keep to keep the end of the band firm against the wrist when clasped. The band measures a total of 9 inches long and is 1 1/2" inches wide tapering down on the watch clasp ends. I have priced this bracelet according to the value of the adornment attached There are existing holes in the leather band which acts to allow air around the wrist so as not to sweat and one could actually remove the Navajo pin and adorn a watch to the band if need be. Typical shipping for this item in the U.S. is $3.00 and overseas would be $8-12 depending on region. Shipping is calculated at checkout. I think this one is going to go fast get on it now! Be sure to lookat all the photos of the other bracelets and if you desire a Custom leather Cuff message me about what you need and I will make one just for you! I offer bulk order discounts as well, so if you wan the baddest ass cuffs to sell in your shop get with me and let's deal! Thanks for looking! Be sure to check out all of the Iron Crow items.