Sold! Very Rare & Cool Vintage 1973 Pair of Sonab Stig Carlsson Speakers in white Laquered Teak cabinets

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On Sale! now $299! wow ! These are marked waaay down! on ebay these are listed for up to $1,500...I am ready to move these! What you see here is something very Rare...and cool this is a pair of the Famous Sonab OA-4 type 2 speakers from 1973 also known as Stig Carlsson speakers after the famous inventor. These were way ahead of their time in terms of hi-fidelity Audio and are many times paired with the Famous Bang and Olufsen Tuners, receivers and players. These were very high end and expensive for that time at $300-500 a pair and that was in 1973! Today these are so rare especially the cabinets in the white laquered teak, they command prices from $700 and up on Ebay and other online sites. This pair comes with pig-tailed raw wire ends ready to connect into standard audio-out clips on the back of most Receivers, tuners and sub woofers. You can always retrofit and wire these with the newest cables to fit today's stereos and Televisions. I have run these thru my bass sub-woofer connected to my computer and they sound awesome! I would love to hear these connected to a turntable and if you are an audiophile especially for the high end vintage b& O or Mirantz or old sony, Technics, JVC or kenwood systems you need these! Here are the specs for these, they are SONAB OA-4 TYPE 2 According to the SONAB manual and/or “HiFiHandboken” Volume: 36 litres Measures: 24 x 49 x 43cm or 9 ½” x 19 ¼” x 16 7/8” (Width x Height x Depth) Weight: 9 Kg or 19.8 lbs. Principle: Omni-directional. Bass reflex. Instead of f true Bass reflex system in this model there are two round holes in the bottom with glass wool inside, almost a like Dynaudio’s bass vented systems. Stig Carlsson used this solution only in this model Impedance: Approx. 7 ohm Frequency range: 44-18.000 Hz Frequency response: 48-15.000 Hz +/- 5 dB on the floor against a wall Cross over frequency: 3500 Hz (6/12dB) Full range unit: 1 22 cm 8 ohms Philips 9710 full range unit. Tweeter: 3 pc 5 cm, Peerless MT20HFC. One 16 and two 8 ohms. Finishes: white lacquer with protective black cage top lid Prices (in SEK) 1973: about - $300-500 US per pair, a whole lot of money at that time! 2nd hand today: $700 - $1,000 US on ebay for pair in this condition Fully restored in this good good condition: up to $1,500 US today Shipping is a flat rate of $50 Anywhere in the world!