SOLD! The stories this thing could tell.......On Sale! Vintage 1950's Alligator hide covered Guitar case

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Here is something for all of you Guitar nuts out there. Talk about a conversation piece...Man! this thing has history! and the stories it could tell.....On Sale! What a geat gift for your guitar guy or girl....This is a Very cool and Very Rare 1950'5 Alligator hide covered guitar case. This is no chipboard, this is built out of wood and solid., with the cool plush blue felt fur liner/padding to keep your guitar safe. This thing shows it's age of course with dents,dings and some rust on it's hardware, but that is what makes it so cool. The stories this thing could tell. From what we can tell this was made for a Gibson les Paul style and size of guitar , but also works for a Gibson SG and a Fender Strat or as pictured even a concert Spanish classical guitar This thing says vintage cool like no other....the case measures 43 5/8*' inches long (outside) with the widest part of the body at 16 1/2" inches outside and 15 1/4" inches inside ( accommodates a 15" guitar body) The neck portion of the case is 22' inches long so it can accommodate the jass and blues f -hole semi-hollow and hollow bodies as well. You guitarist know what a good case costs and this one is not only built well as it shows it has held up for over 55 years but also has the classic looks everybody wants today. This will last for many more years and will go fast! so don't miss out! This would be an awesome gift for the rocker in your life. $40 standard shipping anywhere in the world!