In The Spirit of Richard Diebenkorn An "Original Painting" Color Canyon 36"x 36" by Matt Dougan with free shipping Anywhere!

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This is An original abstract oil and acrylic painting on canvas by Matt Dougan size 36"x 36" 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall by two inches thick. This paining is titled "Color Canyon" and a 1 of a kind original never to be reproduced. This painting was completed in the Spirit of the landscape Abstracts of Richard Diebenkorn and inspired by the canyons in and around my home in Sedona, Arizona. Many times with certain light You can see a broad array of light and colors and I wanted to express that vision with broad brushstroke color fields. My intent is to sell only original works, which mean when you purchase a painting or other piece of art by my hand, you have the only one of it's kind in the world. This will ensure the paintings and other works of mine not only retain value, but should increase in value over time as well. This painting is signed in the lower right left corner of the painting MD18 and on the back with title and signature.(see photos). Although the painting is shown framed, it is not framed but can be to your liking i.e a metallic, wood stained or painted billet type frames the best and at quoted costs or just hang it unframed as all the edges of the canvas are painted black or dark grey.This Painting will be foam padded plastic wrapped and wood crate boxed for mail/trucking or air shipping. Thank you for looking.